Local Market Update

Many buyers are already wondering why they didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that existed from the market only a few of months ago. Hindsight does give you 20/20 vision!

Looking at the current trends, a number of vendors have been taking the opportunity to sell first, and then knowing exactly what they have in their ‘pocket’ they head out to find their next home.

Relatively low stock levels have meant that purchasers have had less choice and this has assisted Seaforth, Balgowlah & surrounding suburbs in holding its value better than many other areas during the G.F.C. and in the past couple of months we have started to see prices moving up again.

Coupled with this in recent weeks we have seen very strong clearance rates emerge at auction with a number of the prices being achieved above expectations.

We believe this is a good market for both vendors and purchasers. Australia has been seen to have weathered the financial turbulence well and we are seeing slightly more desperate purchasers, who have been in the market for up to 12 months & are now keen to buy.

Many of our clients use us as “real estate advisors,” whether they are looking to sell or buy. As with any good investment advisor, our focus is to help you plan for your long term success, in line with your expectations and ideals. We assist, educate and empower every purchaser to proceed, and, at the same time, focus on exceeding the expectations of our vendors.

If you need constructive property advice, we would be delighted to contribute to your knowledge base, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.